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RAM Exteriors offers many high quality siding options, such as vinyl siding in both vertical and horizontal varieties, and wood siding. Each type of siding has it's own advantages and the experts at RAM Exteriors are here to help you choose one that best suits your needs. From selection to installation, you can count on us to provide professional, knowledgable service.

Find out more information about our siding options through the links below, or if you'd prefer to talk to one of our experts directly, contact us. We'd be happy to discuss your needs and help you find the right solution for your siding project.

Looking for something unique?

Ask us about Quality Stone siding products, another option that we offer for clients looking for something a little different. Set yourself apart from the crowd with this stylish and practical siding solution, suitable for interior and exterior applications on either a large or small scale.

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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is an ideal exterior building material choice because its designed and engineered to protect your home through a lifetime of exposure to heat, cold, ultra-violet rays and every kind of weather. It resists denting and damage from hail and harsh weather (unlike aluminum siding), and is ideal for new construction, remodeling and/or re-siding projects. It provides the beauty of wood without the maintenance.

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Wood Siding

Naturetech™ Engineered Wood Products have a luxurious array of colors, from warm traditional earth tones to bright dramatic contemporary shades. The Naturetech™ superior design allows for a seamless appearance as all nails are hidden. Naturetech™ complements any house style from traditional to modern, resisting the harshest of climates and only requiring an annual hose-down to keep looking fresh for years.

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