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Duro-Last Cool Zone

Learn about the White Duro-Last® Cool Zone® Roofing System and to find out why it's the best green choice for any commcercial or residential flat top roof.

Why the White Duro-Last® Cool Zone® Roofing System is the best green choice for your building.

Green, as in environmental responsibility

The Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system has an excellent environmental reputation. From lowering a building’s energy consumption to helping facilities obtain LEED® credits to reducing the urban heat island effect, the Cool Zone system is a leading sustainable building product.

  • Our tightly-controlled manufacturing process ensures that scrap generated during the manufacturing process is recycled back into roofing membrane or other construction materials. In fact, Duro-Last recycles scrap from numerous companies, encouraging them to join us as environmental stewards. Plus, Duro-Last has implemented a roof recycling program for PVC membranes that are at the end of their useful roofing lives. This keeps waste out of landfills and reduces the need for virgin feedstock used in a number of construction products – including new roofing membranes.
  • A growing emphasis on reducing a building’s carbon “footprint” is creating emerging carbon trading markets. A reduction in energy consumption provided by the Cool Zone membrane may provide economic benefits for building owners in this new arena.
  • The term “sustainability” implies long-term performance, and many Duro-Last roofs have been performing effectively for more than 20 years. The Cool Zone roofing membrane is resistant to chemicals, fire, and high winds, and this proven durability means that a Cool Zone roof will last longer in harsh environments than many other systems.
  • PVC, which is among the most studied building materials, is as environmentally- friendly as other building products, according to the US Green Building Council, and may be better than some materials that have been less scrutinized.
  • The Cool Zone membrane is lightweight, so it can often be installed over existing roofing systems, eliminating costly and landfilling tear-offs. It also requires less fuel to transport to the job site than other, heavier materials.

Green, as in the money you save by reducing your roofing system’s life-cycle costs

Energy costs continue to escalate with no end in sight, and this trend is largely responsible for driving a significant market shift toward energy-efficient roofing systems.

  • Cool roofs are effective in virtually all climates. Building owners in some areas have seen a 40% reduction in energy consumption during peak times of the year after installing reflective roofing systems.
  • In non-conditioned space, reflective roofing can reduce workspace heat, improving working conditions and increasing employee productivity.
  • The Cool Zone membrane reflects damaging ultraviolet and infrared rays of the sun that are absorbed by other systems. Penetrating UV and IR rays can degrade the effectiveness of insulation and other building components — often leading to higher operating and maintenance costs.
  • When placed on rooftops with reflective membranes, HVAC units have a smaller “degree difference” of the air they need to cool because the ambient tempera- ture is lower than on dark-colored roof surfaces. This decreases the cooling load as well as unit wear and corresponding maintenance costs. A Cool Zone roof may also enable the use of smaller, lower-cost HVAC units.

Green, as in the best system to be installed under your rooftop garden

A growing trend in the commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings market is turning “forgotten” roofs into usable space. Photovoltaic and paver systems are gaining a foothold in this area, as are vegetative roofs.

  • All rooftop garden systems require a reliable waterproofing membrane beneath the growing medium and plant life.
  • The Cool Zone roofing system is ideal for this application. Duro-Last’s prefabrication technology (every roof is manufactured in-house to fit building dimensions precisely, eliminating up to 85% of rooftop seaming) means less potential for future leaks – a major consideration when the membrane will be covered with a rooftop garden.
  • Because the Cool Zone membrane is lightweight (less than 1/3 pound per square foot), it will only marginally add to the overall weight of the complete vegetative roofing system, which can weigh up to 30 pounds per square foot.
  • For businesses investing in rooftop gardens, the cost of the Duro-Last component is minimal compared with that of the entire roofing assembly. Installing a new Cool Zone system on the roof deck prior to installing the garden system is a sensible investment.
  • The Cool Zone roofing system is also solar ready — an easy-to-install, reliable, watertight application for a variety of photovoltaic technologies.
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