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Eavestrough, Soffit, Fascia & Cladding

We offer a full range of "finishing touches" for your home or business. Protect your home from annoying water drips with eavestrough, do away with maintenance and painting with custom metal window cladding, and improve the look of your home with solid aluminium soffit and fascia!


Eavestrough does a big job around your home, protecting the surface of your outdoor stairs and decks, keeping water flowing away from your foundation, and eliminating those annoying drips and leaks that cause ice build-up that could result in slippery walkways. We have our own eavestrough machine to custom form the correct length of eavestrough for each job.

You can be assured that care and attention to every aspect of your installation will be attended to, and we stand behind our work even after we've completed your project!

From the planning stages of your eavestrough installation, to providing proper supplies and materials, to the meticulous and efficient cleanup of your project, we will make sure that you are satisfied and happy with the final result.

Tired of cleaning out your eavestrough’s every year?

Consider adding a metal leaf guard that will prevent the build-up of leaves and other debris.

Ask us about it!

Eavestrough and Soffit

Soffit & Fascia

Do away with relentless painting and maintenance by replacing your soffit and fascia with solid aluminum!

Not only will these immediately improve the appearance of your home, they will also add value to your home, while protecting your home from the harsh winter elements.

Window Cladding

Cladding For Windows, Doors & Beams

Are you tired of the endless painting, expensive maintenance and constant frustration involving the wood trim on your homes exterior window and door frames?

There is a solution! Custom Metal Window Cladding (also called window capping) eliminates the cost of time and material to maintain any wood trim on the exterior of your home. Custom bent and applied, the metal will not only protect the wood frames, but they will dramatically improve the look and value of your home.

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